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  • A Prayer for Queer Families

  • You know who you are,
    And that scares so many people.
    I honestly don't know why.

    It's not that I haven't also been afraid,
    It's that the people who've made me afraid
    were trying to erase my queerness.
    My difference.
    My light.

    I didn't pray as a child,
    Nobody taught me how.
    The comforting belief that a loving God
    watched over me
    just wasn't part of my life.

    It still isn't.
    But I found my light.
    And I found the divine.
    And somewhere along the way, I learned to pray.

    But I don't pray for peace,
    because they never offer it.
    But I don't pray for war,
    because I'm not like them.

    I pray for you. And for me.
    I pray that the Queer Divine
    finds you. That your light
    brighter and brighter.
    That you may always know who you are.
    That we may always find our way to one another.
    That our light reveals the truth
    and that our love can never be broken.