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  • Vestra: Some notes from Ell's Journal

  • Not quite random excerpts from Ell's Journal, in no particular order.

    (For those not in Vestra, Ell is a Warlock with a noble background and an eye for... making money? Also, he's smart but.... easily fooled)

    "Met a dwarf named Ranunkel. He's on some quest to reclaim some sacred treasure. He's very... intense... and seemingly good natured.

    "Could Janora's giant dog conceivably wield some sort of short polearm strapped to it's tail? -- Too much risk during inevitable scritches?""

    "What is it about knives that attracts me so? I just think they're neat I guess. And they're always so... interesting. This obsidian blade I found is almost entrancing. I can't seem to put it down. It feels special. Secret even. ""

    "Gorscha is dead. Finally. I feel like I should mourn, but I'm honestly just embarrassed by him and for the family. He got taken over by a quasi-sentient death-tree. A Death Tree. Not that anyone else needs to know that." (theo's note: At this point in time Ell has been mind-controlled by a demon, but i'm not sure he recognizes the paralell.)

    "Note: If I push things at Jilken she stabs them almost without fail."

    "Can I trust Denye? She seems so earnest. It's hard to dislike her... but she's naive. I feel like she believes everything she reads. As though nobody ever falsified a report before."

    "so much platinum in the sewers. -- idea (fund scavenger team?) How many more troves of unclaimed treasure are lying around in the disused parts of the city? Offer rent-to-own supplies and a portion of the find? -- maybe disguise this as a cartographic effort to improve city records? Perhaps some funding can come from the palace?"

    "note: send samples of giggle-dust to healers collegium and ask them to consider possible medical applications? "

    "The Voice... can't be trusted."

    "I suppose I should be glad nobody else seems to have a nose for politics. But honestly, it does feel like I have to do more than my share of maneuvering for the crowns favor."

    "I like Jilken. Not because she's pointy. It's definitely not the willingness to eat anything that looks even vaguely edible. I think it's because she's predictable. I always know what's going to happen. That's really comforting in a way."

    "Tear of Midnight Sorrow has decided I'm the boss. I'm not sure how I feel about this. He's.... almost like a child. I don't want him to get hurt. And the others seem even more enamored of him. "

    "What if... Can I trust them? Like all the way?"

    "Since I learned about Milani my dreams are getting... weirder? Worse? The Voice seems more bloodthirsty. And I feel... less so. Why has almost nobody heard of her, but she's there in the histories."

    "I think Tear worships Milani? Coincidences seem to be too frequent of late."